Wednesday, December 27, 2017

My Mom's an Angel

I don't know about you guys, 
but I probably am going to heaven simply and only cause my mom's an angel.





Our Precos Messenger

Celebrating the birth of a precious Messenger, 
the vessel through which the word of the Creator 
was spread through a world dying slowly.
The birth of a man who brought with him, peace and order.
Jummah Mubarik and Eid Milad-un-Nabi Mubarik to you and your family. 



She's Strange

She's strange, unexpected and unpredictable at times.
I believe that's why you love her.
Sometimes she's a weed, sometimes a vine,
sometimes she's the thorn and sometimes a flower.



In Love With the Rain

One day you'll fall in love with the rain 
all over again because of me.
I promise.

Thank God

For today,
I would only like to say.. 
Thank God for every single thing, great and small in my life.
Family and friends,
I'm grateful and thankful for everything and everyone.



Love is a Requirement

Love is required simply because it makes the pain of living life easier to bear.
The road home is a long one,
love makes the journey worthwhile.





Everything That Once Was

It's true that I miss everything that once was,
but I don't want to walk back to anyone 
I wish no one to return to me.
Whatever remains of the person I am, 
living whatever years I have left will just have to do.