Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Truth be told, an apple a day didn't keep my doctor away.

In the Late Hours of Dark Nights

In the late hours of dark nights, 
when she thinks her children are all asleep,
you can find my mother sitting alone in the silence. 
I've always wondered what thoughts wander through her beautiful mind,
a mystery I've not solved till this day.

Only Freedom

I searched for a remedy for my madness until I embraced it 
and realized that I didn't need a cure, 
only freedom to exist as I am.

Key to a Place

Maybe we all are searching for a key to a place which doesn't exist.
Maybe that's why we are incomplete and everything hurts so much.

On Two Legs

I think we take for granted the magic of our own souls, 
we are the entire universe in human form walking around on two legs.
Why do we doubt our resilient capabilities?

Of A Child

The beauty of the heart found within the body of a child is incomparable.
A heart untainted and truthful, until the world begins to poison it.

I'm Not Your Cinderella

I'm not your Cinderella.. I'm not your fairy tale princess, 
I am who I am and that is all I'll ever be.

So Can You

After the world has broken your heart,
stabbed you in the back
and has stolen your faith,
I know it seems impossible to move on 
and grow once more, but if nature can find a way,
then so can you.

Black and White

What if I robbed you of all the colors in your world 
and left everything in black and white, 
would you love me still?

Parts of Each Other

Now you have a piece of me that I'll never get back 
and days of my life I can't rewind to live again.
I'll always be a part of you,
as you will remain a part of me.

The Appropriate Approach

I don't think I need to be your wife or you to be my husband to prove that love exists between us but I do think it's the appropriate approach as far as things of this nature are concerned.

Last Night

The devil came back last night, 
we aren't on speaking terms but he a lot to say to me, still.

Are You Heart-Broken Enough?

Has the world broken your heart enough 
so that the light may seep through the cracks 
and free you from all these pretty little illusions in your mind?

The Burden of Existing

I don't understand the reason behind anything or anyone, 
I've not uncovered a single mystery in this lifetime,
I don't know what makes our lives worthwhile 
and yet I bear this intolerable burden of existing.

Pleasure and Pain

The pleasure and pain of being with you,
was more than I thought I'd never live through.

Do You Ever Think of Me?

How's your car and how's your life?
How's my friend,
when's she gonna be your wife?
I'm sitting up writing down,
These things I sometimes dream about.
I knew your number by heart
It was the only one I remembered, I never forgot.
It wasn't me using you
I trusted you;
one of the few.
I took you places round the world,
I miss you're face sometimes you know, you were my girl.
You took my picture a thousand times,
I bought them back
I don't mind.
I lost my way but found my track,
I'm sorry I didn't listen when you called me back.
I've been round;
I've been up and down. 
And you missed the photo,
the one where we dressed up like clowns.
 I heard you're doing well.
 Selling art and everything. 
I like you're stuff;
good for you,
I'll buy a piece or maybe two.
Do you ever think of me?
Do you remember all our stupid dreams?
Rainbows and pots of gold,
So much to prove before we got old.
I suppose it's different now,
it's new,
Whoever points the finger at who.
I really hope you're happy,
both of you,
And maybe sometimes you miss me too.
And we had some laughs;
had some fights,
But in the end the walls came down, there was no light.
You'd like the place I'm living in now,
But it's a shame you can't come around.
I've grown up a lot since we last spoke,
Got myself together;
fixed everything I broke
I wonder if we'll talk again 
Or drink together just like we did back then.

Draped in Black

It's not that she hated colours,
she simply thought that 
everything looked more meaningful when draped in black..
Whether it be the day, her face or life itself.


Honestly I don't think the key to success is hard work. 
Sometimes you can work yourself straight down to the bone and it wouldn't matter.
Sometimes life just does what it does. 
And you will feel powerless to change or stop your world from falling apart.

Back Home to Mom

I could walk till the ends of the earth
in search of something or someone to complete me.. 
But it's when I come back home to mom 
that I feel like everything is okay. 
I feel like I'll make it, like I'll survive.

Are You Trying?

Are you trying to steal my heart away
with all those pretty words and lines you say?

Sunday, August 20, 2017

They Don't Exist

Just because I wrote about someone doesn't mean that they exist.

I Remember

I remember how I felt when I first saw you, I remember when you showed me your feet with your anklet shining like a star in the midnight sky. I remember how you looked without your nerdy glasses, the colours of your hair and so much more. I remember sharing lunch with you in a single plate and when we walked together in the park you love so much. 
And I remember how it felt when you left me on my own in a city I never called home.

Some Hearts

Some hearts are impenetrable no matter what you may do to try and enter them.
It's not your fault,
it's just how they are.


There are places in this old city that remember us.


My heart feels nothing. 
A good kind of nothing.
A strong sort of nothing.

Till the Pain Subsides

When she's in pain,
she climbs into my lap,
wraps her arms around my neck, pressing her cheek to mine,
as I wrap my arms around her waist rocking her back and forth, 
safe and sound till the pain subsides.

A Spark Between You and I

But there is a spark between you and I, 
something neither one of us can deny.

Not Your Average Anything

You feel what you feel for me because 
you know deep in your bones that I'm not your average anything.

If You Were to

If you were to crack my skull open and take a walk through the streets of my fragmented mind, well we'd both be terrified, my thoughts exposed with no place left to hide.

And if you were to break open my heart and take a look inside, well you'd see all the people and their secrets I've been carrying, strangers who ended up staying more than just one night.

And if you were to rip open my soul, well I'm sure that you'd find unexpected magic and never would it allow you to grow old.

And if you were to know me as I exist, 
you'd probably understand the parts of me in a twist.

If you were to, if you were to.

I'd Be a Tree

I tend to fall more in love with trees than with people and that's just the truth. 
They are more alive and more dependable than most of us will ever be.
Strong and resilient, 
their roots hold their ground
patient and kind,
even when mankind slaughters them in countless numbers.
If I could, I'd be a tree.