Monday, July 17, 2017

The Missing Toddler

I remember the panic rising at the back of my mind as visions of the worst possible outcomes of losing a toddler at Niagra Falls flashed before my eyes. Frantically we searched for My missing two-year old sister in the crowds of tourists.

How far could she have wandered off? Was she hurt?  Had she been kidnapped? I felt myself coming apart at the seams as these questions ran through my mind. She was and still is my world, my whole heart and the best thing that ever happened to me.

I felt dizzy with relief when I saw her grubby little face with tears streaming down it. In the distance on a wooden bench sat a shrivelled up old woman holding the hand of the love of my life, trying to calm her down.

I'm sure my parents were beyond happy to have found their youngest child unharmed. For me, it was more, it was as if someone had brought me back to life and I could breathe again.

The memory of that day has rattled me in ways I still can't explain. Had she not been found, I would not have survived the loss but I suppose life is what it is and everything happens for a reason. We found her because without her I'd have no reason to live.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

The Grand Mosque

I prayed in the grand mosque for the first time that day,
It was a most humbling experience,
Being surrounded by so many others connecting with their Maker,
knowing He is the One and the only One who will not abandon them.
Surrounded by people, their hopes, pain and faith.

Most Women

'Well most women......,'
he began.
'I am not most women,'
I reminded him..
'Please see to it that you never forget this fact.'

The Idea of Being in Love

I think some people are in love
with the idea of being in love with her
who she is
why she does
what she does seems irrelevant.

Rogue Heart

The unresolved matters of my rogue heart.

Together and Not As One

Lead me away from the massacre..

Lead me to a place where the fields are still green..

Where we exist together and not as one.

The Fine Line Between

The fine line between
giving up and giving in,
So faint,
that we often mistake
one for the other.

We Both Kept Trying

I was busy trying to save the world
and he was busy trying to save me.
I don't know which one of us
achieved in what we set out to do.

When They Met

When he met her
it was as beautiful as
when the day meets its night
when the rain meets a sunny day
as beautiful as when hope meets reality.


Damned if I do, 
Damned if I don't. 
Damned I am and so I chose to do.
But what does it matter now,
I chose you.

Hey Ma

Hey ma, you are my whole world.

To Restart Myself

I left him in the middle of nowhere,
On some lonely road in the wilderness,
And then I drove off into the dark.
I moved on to a new town,
To restart my heart as well as my life.


Being Loved by Strangers

And some of us
will be loved more
by strangers who knew us
better than we knew ourselves,
we will be loved more
By the people
who have never touched our skin,
tasted our beating heart,
or heard us breathe..

I'll Confess Nothing

Maybe the truth is that
I have been addressing myself
in every word I've ever written 
an endless speech,
it's been a long story.
Maybe that's the truth,
But I'll confess nothing.

What is Hate?

And what is hate really?
Nothing but a version of love
gone black as the night..
A Tainted love..
A Poisoned love.. 

Shot of Pain

It's about taste
if you like it
you come back
again and again for more.
Even if it is another shot of pain.


A heartache that lives on
because I continue to write of it
maybe I am alive because it's not dead yet
it is the fuel for my life.

Paper Lanterns

Making wishes as they let go of paper lanterns.
An inky black sky full of burning stars.
Hopes ablaze ready to come alive.

Come See Me

If you need matches..
a flame,
something to set ablaze
or simply a burning fever ..
come see me..

The End of the Line

The conclusion of so many chapters
were written by these hands of mine..
I cannot blame anyone else 
For me, it's the end of the line.


New day
New faces
New cuts 
New places


Everything seems fine,
So why this urge to press rewind?

Empty Cathedral

A girl with a soul like an empty cathedral,
no one prays here anymore.

Leave With Me

Get your camera and just leave with me, please.
Because the truth is I'm not running from you,
I want to run away with you.
So get your camera and just leave with me.

One of Us

One of us will survive this massacre,
Maybe not the both us...
But at least one of us
will survive this heartbreak.

An Unbroken Heart

Wherever you are,
Don't forget that you owe me
an unbroken heart.

Child Labour

What I really want is to end child labour.
Why is one mother's child more important than another's? 
Why is innocence not being protected? 
In my eyes a real hero is busy saving all those who cannot save themselves.
I suppose the question then really is,
Who are you, and who have you saved?

Love is Human

Love is alive..
it breathes,
has a heartbeat,
feels pain, bleeds, 
And it faces an unknown

yet impending death as we do.
Love is human.

The Heart of a Child

The heart of a child,
A little place where
magic, wonder and curiosity
are alive.
A place where dreams are born.

Without Fearing Consequence

And there should be at least
one person in your life
you can give your secrets to
without fearing the consequence.
Not many, just one would be more than enough,
But I fear it is too much to ask for.


You're like the weeds
that grow up from the
cracks in the pavement
I try to avoid you
to save you
but end up crushing you instead
I'm sorry.

Your Eyes

Your eyes
Like a forbidden cemetery
A distant black hole
A silent abyss.

One Person and Sin at a Time

Learning lessons continuously,
one person
one sin at a time.

Familiar Pain

Hey love,
When the pain gets all too familiar,
When it burns to hold on..
Simply let go.

A Riot by Your Side

So curious to have a look inside,
Thinking you'd find paradise.
But here I am,
A riot by your side.

Golden Ribbons

I fell for a young boy with green eyes,
full of golden ribbons many summers ago.

An Incessant Thud, Thud

For as long as the heart physically beats
& you can hear its incessant thud thud,
How can you expect it to forget the one it loves?

Dear Old Friends

I recognize the darkness and light
as dear old friends,
a combination of both
are still holding my heart together in place.

A Girl on the Run

Somewhere in my mind,
you are setting like the brilliant sun.
And I'm still a young girl,
in love and on the run.